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VRMX Concrete

With our extensive variety of services in delivering concrete, we offer a whole package of effective solutions for your construction ventures. We are well-equipped and capable of meeting the requirements of your residential, commercial, industrial and government projects of any size and multifaceted nature. Our accomplished associates combined with the latest, cutting-edge technology and equipment, go an extra mile in creating quality products while respecting well-being and ecological needs. We can always support you and your group regardless of the uniqueness and complexity your request.

We are Concrete Specialists!

VRMX Products

Concrete concentrate consists of water, cement and aggregate. Looks simple, but requires expertise, procedure and technical know-how.

VRMX Services

We offer an extensive variety of services as a supplement to our products. Regardless of the complexity of your task, our accomplished specialists will plan and deliver the arrangement.

VRMX Plants

VRMX is capable of producing any volume of concrete with its state-of-the-art facilities situated in strategic locations in and around Chennai.


Why VRMX Concrete?

We are fully equipped to meet the needs of residential, commercial, industrial and government projects of any size and complexity.
Right Blend for Right application
VRMX’s unique proposition drives technical sound structures with industry standard quality measures.
Professional Team and Execution
VRMX’s Team has seasoned professionals from each segment of the Ready-Mix production, which enables us to maintain quality and service.
Strategic Locations and Logistics
VRMX has plants in strategic locations around Chennai, which enables us to delivery any desired quantity in a timely manner.

Our Commitment

VRMX is fully equipped with quality automated machines, skilled technicians and customer service team. We are committed to helping you turn your ideas into reality in the most efficient way.
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